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Global Travel & Hospitality Infrastructure Investing

By 2025, annual consumption in emerging markets will reach $30 trillion—the biggest growth opportunity in the history of capitalism.

-McKinsey Quarterly

Opportunities of Interest

  • Infrastructure Development

  • Developer Joint Ventures

  • Emerging Markets

  • Monuments & Historical Renovation

  • Experiential and Amusement

  • Destination Marketing

  • International Expansion

  • Buyouts and Recapitalizations

Travel & Leisure is one of the top ten largest industry sectors in the world and is one of the fastest growing.  Moreover, the underdevelopment of the sector in emerging markets (by far the fastest growing in terms of GDP) and the disproportionate growth of 'leisure' presents an opportunity that, in the words of McKinsey and Co., is 'the greatest opportunity in the history of capitalism'. 

We seek out opportunities in both developed and emerging markets that take advantage of the unprecedented growth in leisure and wealth worldwide with a particular interest in buyout, growth, (and limited startup) opportunities that are underdeveloped relative to these dynamics.

Our team has experience in finance, marketing and operations and has been involved in over $600 million in resort financings, has worked with hundreds of HNWIs and family offices on transactions as large as $275 million, and has held senior positions with multi-national hospitality and leisure companies.

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