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The Advisors' Back Office

The advisory firm that partners exclusively with existing trusted Advisors to help their clients reach the next level.


We are an innovative management consulting firm that partners up with independent advisors and consultants to empower strategic change for their clients.


Focusing on cutting edge solutions based strategies (as opposed to research based), our team helps growing companies bridge the gap from where they are to where they want to be.


We have a unique partnership model where we team up with clients' existing advisors as their 'back office' to help them introduce and implement the desired solutions to their clients.

$3000 - $30,000 Average Referral Fee Per Client

Partner with us to help both you and your clients grow


You have worked hard to provide the best service to your clients and to win their trust.  This relationship provides both them and you the opportunity for them to harness leading edge strategies that they may never be exposed to without your assistance.


Our firm is unique among management consulting firms.  First, like other leading advisory firms, our practice leaders have deep experience and specialize in high impact, cutting edge solutions.  We focus on solutions with strategic impact on clients' business.  We are unique in partnering up with existing trusted advisors to help introduce and implement our solutions.  In addition, our focus is on provide best in class solutions, not in hourly billings, and therefore focus on implementing concrete technologies, strategies or trainings designed to help clients reach their potential. 


As with other adivsory firms, we have a range of practice areas.  While the focus of them generally is on the highest impact opportunities in the areas of capital solutionstalent solutions, and growth solutions, they draw upon a very diverse set of skills, backgrounds and technologies.


Because of this diversity, we understand that not all our solutions may be relevant to the context of your relationship with your client.  We never want to strain your reputation or relationship with them.  Accordingly, you may feel that some of our solutions are better suited to your clients (or your relationship with them) than others.  Moreoever, you may only want us to talk with clients about certain areas of services, and not others.  We are happy to limit the scope of our services and sign agreements to such effect.

Generally the best engagements are where the existing advisor is generally conversant and conversant in the service area they introduce the client to.  (We happily provide introductory training).  After an introduction, the advisor remains informed throughout the process, often assisting as a liaison throughout the process.  In other instances the advisor makes an introduction and leaves the work to us.   Under either scenario, we remain subject to the confidentiality and fee agreements we enter into with the advisor from the very beginning - regardless of how long our relationship with the client continues. 


Our solutions are sophisticated, high impact, and geared towards helping your clients reach their potential.  We are confident that both you and your clients stand to enjoy tremendous upside in partnering with us.

How We Work With Advisors

You Introduce Us

All our engagements are subject to Non Disclosure and Non-Circumention agrements with you.

We Design the Solution

We Present the Solution

With You or alone, at your direction

We Get To Work

All work is done with you fully informed, or involved, every step of the way, as you would like.



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