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Self-Insured Groups 

Save $1,500,000

Annually on Medical


*per 1000 lives

Pricing for the same medical procedures often range 500% within the same area!

Yet, unlike any other purchase, consumers have no idea of hte quality or price of the services available to them.

Our referral service directs patients to the best facility at the best price... Saving you lots of money.

30% Average Savings

Direct Contracting

Better and Cheaper Than Leaving it to the Market

Referral & Contracting Service

  • Pricing on Every Procedure In Every U.S. Facility.

  • Quality and Outcomes Data of Every Facility.

The Best Care for the Best Price


Cost of Heat Transplant

Stanford, CA - $2,000,000

Dallas, TX - $438,000

Location of Longest Heart Transplant Survivor - Dallas, TX

The Best Care for the Best Price

We have helped manage the care of thousands of lives and contracted with hundreds of healthcare providers.

Contact us to discuss how we can achieve substantial savings on your medical procedures while increasing your employees' happiness and well being.

Comprehensive Pricing and Quality Analysis

The best way to describe how most people find medical care is 'randomly'.  Unlike every other service, a majority of patients and their payers receive medical procedures without pricing transparency, competitive bidding or without a comprehensive analysis of the quality of outcomes or alternatives.

Our service helps clients take advantage of the tremendous market inefficiencies by providing comprehensive pricing and outcome data for procedures anywhere in the U.S. (both within and outside their local area if desired). 

Better Options & Employee Incentives

Employees are incentivized to utilize our services and thereby save you thousands.

In addition to better visibility in pricing and our aggressive contracting services, employees benefit by significant cash rebates and subsidies as well as travel and logistics assistance available if needed. 

The Process

Our unique contracting and triage service is a free and discretionary concierge service for employees of self insured groups.


While payers stand to save thousands per year, patients are also incentivized to use the services with substantial gift cards, travel cost reimbursements and other services.

Employees or Human Resources Managers contact us when deciding to have a procedure performed.

At this time we provide them comprehensive pricing and outcome information for several alternative facilities (locally or nationally as preferred).  

Once the surgery is performed, the pre-negotiated medical rates are billed to the employer (or TPA) directly from the facility.  our fees are paid by the facility directly.  Before, and after, the procedure, the payer knows exactly how much they will pay and how much they will save.


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