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Private Structured



Increasing Efficencies, Reducing Risk and Adding Liquidity


We provide up to 95% of the capital required for infrastructure, growth financings and select startups with significant IP.

Our focus is on increasing efficiencies, eliminating risk and increasing liquidity.  We seek out opportunities with under developed opportunities or asymmetric risk/reward profiles - generally offering enhanced downside protection and upside opportunity.  These opportunities are frequently found in emerging industries or markets that are undergoing fundamental change and / or experiencing a scarcity of capital.  


We opportunistically enter into structured private investments and partnerships in which we maintain ownership or other economic interests

Our co-investment allows us to move quickly by ensuring that all parties incentives are aligned and  to streamline due diligence.

It also represents a very attractive source of capital for projects that often fall short of the 50%-75% requirements of asset based lenders, or that do not fit the mold for traditional venture capital.

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