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Closing as a Service

You just want another sale.  


But the reality is that the entire momentum of the universe is going in a different direction from you.  The saying, 'build a better mouse trap and the world will beat a path to your door' is simply not true.​

You need to have the people, and processes, in place to make 'the sale' the best, most logical next step for a prospective customer to take.  Doing this takes skill, energy and knowledge.

Our practice leaders specialize in getting deals closed, whether a client needs to access closers in territories where they don't already have a presence, or need stronger in house sales capabilities.

With us you can scale and contract as needed.  We can be a permanent part of your sales/marketing process, or can be called upon ad hoc to close a special deal or in a new market.

You'd Have More Sales If You Had Better (or More) Closers

Our team has experience with all facets of the sales process.

We have helped growth companies with recruiting, training, sales management, and 'closing', our team members have sold everything from pest control contracts to multi-million dollar financial plans (really)  - from product sales to long term intangibles; from individual sales to recruiting and managing national sales teams with many dozens of people.  


We focus on putting the right sales process and people in place, and we are particularly strong at 'closing'.

We have worked for individual clients as well as with private equity firms who have engaged our team to assist the ramp up of their portfolio companies. 



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