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Specializing in creative financing opportunities and pre-determined takeouts or exits.  

Our focus is on increasing efficiencies, eliminating risk and improving liquidity.  


We seek out opportunities with under developed potential or asymmetric risk/reward profiles - generally offering enhanced downside protection and upside opportunity.  These opportunities are frequently found in emerging industries or markets that are undergoing fundamental change and / or experiencing a scarcity of capital.  


We opportunistically enter into structured private investments and partnerships in which we maintain ownership or other economic interests.

We can be particularly helpful in 'last mile' situations, where a project or business is missing one key element in its final exit, launch or ramp up. 

We help asset owners raise capital through tokenization of assets.  (tokenization refers to digitizing and monetizing rights to real world assets).  

The elements of these transactions generally include: 1) a crowdsale offering 2) compliant offering documents and 3) smart contract development on the blockchain. 


We help these groups and their advisors with any of the legal, technological or business development services needed to successfully, and compliantly, tokenize high value assets.

Asset Tokenization

Liquidity Solutions

Often times the most valuable and unique assets are the most difficult to make liquid.

Besides an outright sale, there are a variety of ways to increase liquidity of certain large assets.   Artful structuring, including combining disparate asset types, obligations, payment terms, and lien priorities can create opportunities that allow owners or sponsors to access additional liquidity that is not available on a stand alone basis.   

We have been successful in creating partial or complete exit solutions through over collaterlizations, cross-collateralizations, bulk sales,  corporate and personal guarantees, asset leasing and other credit enhancements, among others.


Benefits of such structuring can include increased liquidity, better traction, 'double dipping' on investment returns or enhanced downside protections. 



$275,000,000 tax deferral via Monetized Installment Sale.

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 Many public companies have utilized a variety of structured solutions to defer or eliminate tax on the disposition of assets.  (See several examples).

We develop similar solutions for middle market companies and their owners.

Exit & Liquidity

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Select Projects

$16 mm ICO
$18 mm ICO
$18 mm ICO

Liquidity & Exits

Commercial Real Estate













Residential Real Estate Portfolio

Veterinarian Practices

Whole Foods Manufacturer